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Duane Trow - editor/producer

  Duane Trow has been an award-winning editor in motion picture advertising 

  for more than ten years, working for some of the best trailer houses  

  in the business and with all the Hollywood studios.

  He has worked on countless major motion picture campaigns including:

  Jerry Maguire, The Thin Red Line, and Star Wars

with such notable filmmakers as Cameron Crowe, Terrence Malick, 

David Lynch, Robert Redford and George Lucas among others.

In 2001-02 he worked for Lucasfilm Ltd. in Northern California and

then again in 2004-05 as the editor and creative director of the trailers 

and TV campaign for Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith 

(one of the biggest box-office openings of all time), and was 

a supervising editor on the acclaimed feature-length documentary 

Within A Minute. 

In 2006-09 under his own banner, 1-Man, in New York City he produced

and edited two behind-the-scenes documentaries and co-edited an 

independent documentary feature while continuing to produce

and edit theatrical trailers and TV spots, shoot HD stock footage

from around the country, as well as lend a hand to several worthy

cause low-budget docs.

In 2008 he was hired to create the Honorary Oscar Tribute piece for the 

80th Annual Academy Awards.

   In 2011 Trow stepped into the game business, editing six different trailers

   for such major publishers as EA and Ubisoft with Eyestorm Productions.    

   In recent years he has been contracted by regular clients Lucasfilm, 

   Filmsight Productions, the State of California, Rob Stewart, and others 

   as well as Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks for various editorial jobs.  

   In addition he has made DSLR shorts including a finance trailer shot 

   entirely in Russia, directed a spec commercial, as well as two first of 

   their kind i-device shorts each made solely with one tool; while continuing

   to write feature scripts, make a micro-budget feature web series and 

   develop new form projects in the digital realm.

   He has also been hired as of late to shoot both still and video jobs.

Well versed in the cutting craft from film to video to digital, he now

moves freely between Avid and FCP.  Also a copywriter and graphic

designer experienced in Photoshop and After Effects, he takes a hands-

on approach to bring originality and creativity to every production.

This includes extensive sound design.

Most importantly Trow is an editor in the largest sense of the

word and across all mediums, making the crucial decisions of what to

include and what to leave out in order to create the most compelling

story whether short or long-form.


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